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Chalkidiki is a close-by destination for millions of Greeks and foreigners, throughout all seasons and not only during summer. The visitor of the area has several options and gets a variety of experiences by the sea and the mountains. With the history of the area that starts from ancient times has been a historically an attractive location for millions of people.

The three peninsulas, Kassandra, Sithonia and Athos in combination to the main mountain area of Cholomontas, form a great variety of hiking paths, appropriate for every season and preferences.


Several paths that for many years were used by the locals, have been abandoned since modern transportation means have substituted the use of animals for people and goods transport. These paths connect the villages of Chalkidiki and provide beautiful views and bring back memories of the past.


Since 2016, Trace Your Eco started the research, cleaning and promotion of paths. The first successful step was the path between Palaiochora of Zervochoria towards Taxiarchis, with an important milestone being the summit of Cholomontas.

Our efforts continue with new paths from Taxiarchis towards Arnaia, which is part of the old path O4. In addition, paths at the borders of Thessaloniki and Chalkidiki, such as the one between the monastery of Agia Anastasia and Livadia has been added in the list of signposted paths.


Following volunteering cleaning and signposting of the paths, group visits have been organized for the hiking society of Thessaloniki to experience those. It has been our great pleasure to see several other hiking groups also visiting the paths we had rediscovered.

Our actions continue with the constant research for old paths in the entire area of Chalkidiki in parallel to find local associations and authorities that would like to cooperate in the successful promotion of the hiking opportunities of the area.

Our aim is the diffusion of our love for nature and the development of a hiking society based on a friendly and respectful culture towards the environment. We contribute in the development and growth of a sustainable model of alternative activities in the Greek territory. Our target is to establish Greece as an international hiking destination.

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Through a variety of actions, we give every year the opportunity to thousands of people to discover and experience the benefits of hiking, as well as improving their well-being.