Mountain Olympus


Go hiking with “Trace Your Eco” in Olympus Mountain. At the top you go with the best. Trace Your Eco, representing all those looking for a unique experience in the mountains of Greece, is also present in Mount Olympus.
+ And do not forget that you can combine Olympus with the enchanting Meteora according to your preferences.

Zagori hiking


Go hiking with Trace Your Eco! in Zagori. The villages of Zagori are known for the cobbled paths and the traditional villages, all made with local stone. Zagori is part of Pindos mountain range and is defined by Mount Mitsikeli and the Aoos River.  Vikos gorge with more than 1000 plants alongside and with the most clean  water in Europe, make up the deepest gorge in the world (the Guinness Book of Records 1997).  An overnight stay at the Astraka mountaineering refuge of 2000 meters, a splendid view from the top and a swim in the Dragon Lake will reward the visitor for many years!

North Pindos National Park hiking


Go hiking with Trace Your Eco! Discovering the national park of Pindos with Trace Your Eco means a variety of experiences. When you visit Pindos for the first time, you open up a new chapter of experiences in your life. Visitors from all around the world have loved the uniqueness and variety of these area and have trusted Trace Your Eco! to organize and deliver unique moments and experiences. Each year several trips are organized, focusing on Pindos, discovering a new side of this beautiful place each time.

Rodopi National Park Hiking


Trace Your Eco! goes hiking every year in the area of Rodopi with our top event “Rodopi Experience Trekking”, a multi day hiking in the summer period.

Rodopi, is a mountain range that spreads between Greece and Bulgaria. It is the oldest land mass across the Balkan peninsula. Its name has a Thrace origin. Based on the Greek mythology, the name comes from the queen of Thrace, wife of the king Aimos. They provoked the rage of the gods, Zeus and Hera, who transformed them into mountains.