North Pindos Trekking

Discovering Pindos with Trace Your Eco means a variety of experiences.

When you visit Pindos for the first time, you open up a new chapter of experiences in your life. Visitors from around the world have loved the uniqueness and variety of this place and have trusted Trace Your Eco to organize and deliver unique moments and experiences. Each year many day trips are organized, focusing on Pindos, discovering a new side of this beautiful place every time.


From – To: 2-12


Most commonly 8 days

Year length

From May to October


Meals & overnight stays.

Pindos has a large number of significant and impressive elements that excite even the most demanding visitor. The rich nature with a wide variety of pictures, sounds combined with people and their history create feelings that accompany the visitor at any moment.

Gifted with many beautiful mountain peaks, it enchants young and old climbers. Smolikas is the highest peak in the region and the second highest in Greece. A large mountainous area with dense forests, lakes, pastures, running waters attracts innumerable visitors each year. Gamila, Grammos, Tzoumerka are some of the most famous peaks each with its own particular relief form. Every mountain is a unique experience accompanied by a variety of history of thousands of years, reaching modern Greek history.

In Pindos you will meet a variety of wild animals, bear, wolf, hare, wild boar, horseradish and horses. The locals collect wild fruits, strawberries, raspberries, apples, marshmallows and make unique recipes of food and sweets. The strong and authentic flavors of the food along with a local tsipouro are deeply reflected in the memory of the visitor.

The green of this region is due to the large number of small and large rivers flowing in the area. Aoos, Arachthos, Sarantaporos, Voidomatis, are among the most famous rivers that create a special relief in the area, with waterfalls and unique lakes.

Small villages with stone-built churches, hundreds of years old, paths carved into nature, are places of interest and rest of the visitor. Known names like Konitsa, Kalarrytes, Syrrako, Aetomilitsa, Delvinaki are on the long list of historical places of the place.





Arachthos River

Arachthos River





Trace Your Eco, is in Pindos by the end of August, for the established Discovery Epirus Trekking.

7 days, full of unique sceneries and experiences. The participants will experience the great diversity of Pindos.

Each day, through several hour hiking, crossing mountains and virgin forests, the participants will have the opportunity to meet unique historical places and the diversity of the local nature.

The hiking starts typically on Sunday from the village Katarraktis, crossing the plateau of Mpersenas and the summit Plaka, ending at the location Mpaltinesi.

  • On Monday, we ascend towards the historic mountain line of Melissourgoi. Crossing summits and pastures, we reach the village of Matsouki.
  • On Tuesday, we follow the old paths that connects the villages Matsouki, Kalarites and Syrrako.
  • Wednesday, and we leave Metsovo for the refuge of Mavrovouni. Our hike starts and ascends towards the summit of Flegga and its lakes. Our descend is through Arkoudorema (bear gorge), in the famous Valia Calda, to the village of Vovousa.
  • On Thursday we follow part of the international path E6 to Distrato and on Friday we continue to Samarina.
  • On Saturday, at the peak of Discovery Epirus Trekking, we ascend the second tallest mountain of Greece, Smolikas.

Our experiences will reach its completion with the arrival at the village Pades and a small party to conclude for this magnificent week.

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