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At the top you go with the best. Trace Your Eco, representing all those looking for a unique experience in the high mountains of Greece, is also present in Mount Olympus.
+ And do not forget that you can combine Olympus with the enchanting Meteora.


Min – Max: 2-8


8 days – 7 nights


From May to October


Sleep & Meals

Well, how it turned out that you were available in just a few days was simply amazing and the effort you put in to make it all work out was very nice.

On hike itself was really enjoyable because you were not only the host of the hike, but also took part of the hike by having interesting and fun conversations, taking photos and showing a lot of interest to give me the greatest experience.

It simply was amazing and is one of the coolest things I’ve done.

Daniel Theuerkauf


This mountain has a long history. It was the residence of the 12 Greek Gods and many demigods. Today is a beloved place of mountaineering friends from all over the world. If Everest is known for its height, Olympus is known for its divine energy.

A history of of thousands of years has created myths, songs and stories, which have been sung since the Homer era. The face of Zeus is still imprinted on the slopes of this mountain.

Here you will find everything!

Olympus today is a national park with an area of 500 square kilometers. Wild animals and plants, cold waters, natural waterfalls and natural pools are here. With numerous paths all around the mountain and paths, the visitor can taste the magic of Olympus.

Combine the tour with Meteora

Within a short distance you will find the world-renowned Meteora. There, the unique monasteries of Orthodox Christianity are literally perched on the huge mass of rocks that dominate the area. The area is a point of great interest, where visitors can combine history with hiking and good food.

Both my friend Alex and I had a wonderful experience with Trace Eco, especially with our fantastic guide Theodoros.

I never climbed a mountain before this hike, and Theodoros was instrumental in making me feel comfortable before the trek began by providing a thorough itinerary of our hike along with providing helpful answers to the many questions I had in anticipation of Olympus.

Once the first day of the hike arrived, Theodoros was friendly and enjoyable to talk with from start to finish. Theodoros was a fantastic guide who was professional at all times and catered our program to suit my needs (as a relatively inexperienced hiker). I felt very comfortable and safe the entire hike and would highly recommend him and his company as a guide. For the price that you pay, you get great value in return.

If I go back to Greece, I will absolutely do another hike with Theodoros and Trace Eco!

Thank You,
Max Meyers Boston, USA

Max Mayers & Alex Perrone

These are some typical option for Olympus:

Single day in Olympus

Depending on your fitness level, you can select between hiking in the Enipeas gorge or the ascending to one of the mountaineering refuges. Depending on the season, your tour can combine swimming in the waters of the river.

Two-three days in Olympus

Hike during the day and stay overnight at the mountaineering refuges of Olympus. Depending on your fitness, we can combine several summit of Olympus and then the Muses plateau.

Extended period in Olympus

We can combine all possible options that Olympus offers. Let us organize a hike at the summits of Olympus, plateau of Muses, Enipeas gorge and other gorges, that meets your requirements.

This is Trace Your Eco.

Trace Your Eco designs and implements long and short trips throughout Olympus and the surrounding area. Depending on your preferences, Olympus can satisfy your dream and fill in beautiful moments in this mountain. The combination of local history and the challenge of mountaineering is the recipe of unique experiences.


Εδώ θα βρεις άγρια ζώα και φυτά, κρύα νερά, φυσικούς καταρράκτες και φυσικές πισίνες. Με πολυάριθμες διαδρομές και μονοπάτια, και με δυνατότητες για εύκολες αλλά και απαιτητικές πορείες μπορεί ο επισκέπτης να γευτεί την μαγεία του Ολύμπου.


Σε μικρή απόσταση βρίσκονται και τα παγκόσμιας φήμης Μετέωρα, με τα μοναδικά μοναστήρια του Ορθόδοξου Χριστιανισμού σκαρφαλωμένα κυριολεκτικά πάνω στους τεράστιου όγκου βράχους που δεσπόζουν στην περιοχή. Η περιοχή αποτελεί σημείο τεράστιου ενδιαφέροντος για επισκέπτες που μπορούν να συνδυάσουν την ιστορία με την πεζοπορία και το καλό φαγητό.


Choose the duration, the level of difficulty, your company
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