Culture Volunteering Projects

Cultural and natural heritage of Greece is wide and varies. Volunteering is a way of living and has been demonstrated in Greece since the ancient times.

Trace Your Eco has been constantly working with several ways to contribute with the protection of the cultural heritage and natural environment, while promoting the love for nature. Through this variety of activities, it tries to contribute in the development and support of the hiking and outdoor tourism in Greece.

Our goal is the spread of the love for nature and the creation of a hikers community, who have a respectful and friendly culture towards nature. We contribute in the development of outdoors activities as a sustainable tourism model. In parallel, we aim Greece to be a worldwide preferred destination for hiking.

Volunteering is culture.

Altruism is exemplary demonstrated by nature’s generosity everyday. Volunteering is a mean for us to give back to nature. Participants gain the development of skills in relation to team development.  Peer support, solidarity and common good are few of the values that are developed.


Our Volunteering actions

Cultural activities

Cultural routes and Development

Cultural routes, a cultural  value.

Culture goes above and beyond the history and the past. This gives us a new field for development and growth of a culture of peace and cooperation. Thus, it is a source of inspiration, a great tool for innovation, creativity and growth.

With the support of local associations, federations and unions, municipalities, regional governance and universities, actions are developed and performed. We aim hiking to be developed in a sustainable tourism medium. 


Actions and project with the support of European Union and other local ones.

Hidden, authentic corners of Greece, rich in natural beauties and cultural heritage. 

Promoting destinations

Through hiking excursions, we try to support the showcase of the beauties of the Greek territory.

The natural environment is the ideal place for people to discover themselves. Improvement and changes of lifestyle leads to a better life.