Trace Your Eco!

Trace Your Eco is a way of life.
Trace Your Eco is the big group of our friends who are looking for a pleasant, friendly and safe way out in nature.
Trace Your Eco was created through love and our passion for nature and alternative forms of tourism.

The best experiences in nature!

Trace Your Eco is characterized by the originality and the constant effort to discover and offer to you all the best experiences in nature.

The smiles, in the faces of those who participate in our actions, give us the strength to continue our work for the provision of the best services. So, we always aim high in the realization of our vision, a more joyful and smiling life for all.

With 20 years of experience in the field of outdoor activities, we design, organize and implement custom programs for hiking and mountaineering, for individuals, families, any group size, schools and companies.

Trace Your Eco … keep on Discovering.

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