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The villages of Zagori have excellent beauty and are known for the cobbled paths and the traditional villages, all made with local stone. Zagori is part of Pindos mountain range and is defined by Mount Mitsikeli and the Aoos River. More than 1000 plants along with the cleanest and most water-conscious water in Europe make up the deepest gorge in the world: the Guinness Book of Records 1997. An overnight stay at the Astrakas shelter of 2000 meters, a splendid view from the top and a swim in the Dragon Lake will reward the visitor for many years!


Min – Max: 2-12


8 days – 7 nights


May to October


Sleep & Meals

A variety

Zagori is divided into three sections with a total of 36 villages. Each village has its own history, with its own paths. 60 bridges with Zagorian style of local masters and other so many fountains together with the rich nature give the opportunity to design a unique experience for the friends who discover Zagori with TraceYourEco.

The gorge of Vikos.

Here is the Guinness Book of Records 1997, a high point of interest. A gorge that stretches in Zagori. This is where Voidomatis comes, with its waters cold throughout the year.

Mountains around

The mountainous area of Tymphi with the well-known peak of Gamila, the draconime that is here since the glaciers, the mountain shelter of Astrakasta 2000 meters, give experience to climbers looking for a special mountain.

Locals and culture through Hiking Epirus

Vitsa, Koukouli, Monodendri, Dilofo, Vradeto, Papigo, Aristi, Tsepelovo are only a few of the many villages in Zagori. The combination of many and TraceYourEco with long-term experience in the area, designs the right program to taste all aspects of nature, culture, flavors and smells. You put the appetite for discovery, we make the recipe.

These are some typical options for Zagori:

Single day

If you are already in the area, you have plenty of options. A day hike across the gorge of Vikos is the most preferable choice of visitors. But, if you are excited about stone arc bridges and old style stone village squares, Zagori has a great number of them. We can assist you in any options you may prefer.


Regardless your starting point, and based on the total duration of stay in the area of Zagori, we organize a variety of experiences. The gorge of Vikos will be a certain choice. Visiting the mountaineering refuge of Astraka and the villages with the magnificent arc stone bridges will define a mosaic of experiences. Stone made roads and natural river baths for a refreshing bath cannot be missed. We are at your service, ask for your custom plan.

Φαράγγι του Βίκου

Φαράγγι του Βίκου


Ο ορεινός όγκος της Τύμφης με την πολύ γνωστή κορυφή της Γκαμήλα, η δρακόλιμνη που βρίσκεται εδώ από την εποχή των παγετώνων, το ορειβατικό καταφύγιο της Αστράκας στα 2000 μέτρα, δίνουν εμπειρίες στους ορειβάτες που ψάχνουν ένα ιδιαίτερο βουνό.











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