Hiking Greece – What to do in Thessaloniki

What to do in Thessaloniki is a typical question we are asked by several city travelers.
Trace Your Eco organises every week a different hiking tour. We specialize in hiking Greece. Some of the hiking tours are appropriate for beginners. We provide the opportunity to lots of people every year to join our hiking tours and experience nature. 

Send us a message and we are happy to help you find what is appropriate for you to start.

Join Trace Your Eco and enjoy Hiking.

An easy hike at the mountain of Hortiatis, very close to the city of Thessaloniki. You don’t need to be an experienced hiker. If you have a back pack and a good pair of shoes, you can enjoy a day in the nearby mountain. Depending of the season, you may have the opportunity to see lots of flowers or collect chestnuts.

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At a walking distance from the edge of the city, lies Seich Sou. This metropolitan forest can give you a great escape, off the city. No need for a car. Simply get a bus to specific spots and start hiking. 

Download the gps track on your mobile and go out in the nature.



And by the way, we get snow in Thessaloniki during the winter, and we enjoy hiking in Seich Sou.


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If you want more, or want to go a bit further that these, give us a call (+30 6949650300) and we will be happy to help you organise a day hike.

What's next?

Mountain Olympos, Meteora, Zagori and Rodopi are few of the most wanted hikes.