Rodopi Experience Trekking

Rodopi Experience Trekking

Trace Your Eco is every year in the area of Rodopi with our top event “Rodopi Experience Trekking”, a multi day hiking in the summer period.


From – To: 2-12


Most commonly 8 days

Year length

From May to October


Meals & overnight stays.

Rodopi is a mountain range that spreads between Greece and Bulgaria. It is the oldest land mass across the Balkan peninsula. Its name has a Trace origin. Based on the Greek mythology, the name comes from the queen of Thrace, wife of the king Aimos. They provoked the rage of the gods, Zeus and Hera, who transformed them into mountains.

Rodopi is famous for its big conifer forests in Balkans, the mild landscape and the rich vegetation of it west areas in addition to a variety in flying predators in the east.

Beechwood, firs, pine, birch, rowan, willow, maple trees are among the many species that someone can find while discovering the area.

The National Park of Rodopi consist of the central and western mountainous area of Rodopi, from the north east part of Falakro summit and going north to the river of Nestos and the Greek-Bulgarian borders and all the way to the mountainous area of Xanthi. A big network of small rivers and creeks, such as Achladorema, Lykolakkas, Vaggelina, Stenorema, feed Nestos river which is at the central part of the Greek side of the mountain. Within the area there are institutionalized natural refuges for animals under the UNESCO protection.

A traveler in the area has the opportunity to get distant from cities and live in virgin forests in remote villages and mountaineering huts. Vegetation and the numerous waterfalls lure the travelers and seduce them like a modern siren to get deeper and deeper in the forest for discoveries. In autumn, the colors change with a combination of yellow, orange and red mixing with the evergreen, providing a pleasurable scenery. A hike in the heart of Rodopi takes you to a different world, like a fairy tale world made with the artistic touch of a painter.

The dams of Thysavros and Platanovrisi have formed big lakes in the area. These have contributed in the creating rich forests which in combination to lots of running rivers mesmerize the visitors. Rodopi is ideal for many mammals such as the brown bear, wolf, wild goat, roe, deer, wild pig, rabbit, fox. Looking up to the skies you can see a variety of eagles and hawks, like golden eagle, booted eagle, long legged buzzard and falcon. It takes time and patience to see all of them.

Τυπικές προτάσεις μας για την Ροδόπη:

Our proposal for Rodopi:

Trace Your Eco is every year in the area of Rodopi with our top event “Rodopi Experience Trekking”, a multi day hiking in the summer period.

Our discovery starts on a Saturday when the team meets and gets ready for a full week in the forests of Rodopi.

On Sunday we start or hiking to the summits of Koula and Gyftokastro. The forest village of Erymanthos is our accommodation for the day.

Next day we hike to the waterfall of Livaditis and Agia Barbara, finishing the day at the small village of Prasinada, which hangs on the sides of the mountain.

Tuesday and Wednesday we cross forests of beech and oak, location Zarkadia, Farasino gorge with a nice camp by the river and end to the forest village of Frakto.

On Thursday the magic continues in the forest of Frakto and a top of of the entire area.

Friday and Saturday we pass the areas of Elatia, Stravorema, Arkoudorema heading to the small city of Paranesti.

A great experience completes on Sunday with a magnificent canoeing in Nestos river .

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